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COVID-19 wifi Names Corona Virus

🦠🦠 Funny Corona virus wifi names 😷😷

Covid-19 is not at all funny, but here we have some wifi names to make fun of this pandemic situation!

1Wuhan Seafood Market
2Voluntarys needed @ Moderna
3Toiletpaper Overkill
4The Masked Neighbor
6Moderna Virus Injection Tests
7Moderna Vaccine Tests running…
8Moderna Secret Labs
9King of Corona
10Isolated with Toiletpaper
11In Corona Self Isolation
12Free Vaccine – Moderna Testing
13Covid Test Center
14Covid *atchoo* Neighborrr…
15Corona? Cheers!
16Corona Zone
17Corona with love – 007
18Corona Wipe Out Laboratories
19Corona was my idea! Really!
20Corona Virus Test Center
21Corona Virus here
22Corona Shutdown ShutUp
23Corona Quarantine
24Corona Patient Zero
25Corona Patient #1
26Corona Party
27Corona Outbreak
28Corona Lisa
29Corona Killer – Moderna
30Corona Infected WiFi
31Corona Hotspot
32Corona Holidays
33Corona here
34Corona Greetings
35Corona Global Defense Network
36Corona Curves WiFi
37Corona Countdown
38Corona Couch Potato
39Corona Couch Party
40Corona Cat
41Corona Bat
42Corona Antiserum
43Corona – It was me! 😀
44Corona – Hate Mask!

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